About Us

Baby And Maa Enterprises is started by a parent who want to serve hygienic and pure foods and food products. Most people search for the best food by paying more but they really don't get. Here we are to serve according to your need. We work with millets that is the food filled with highly nutrition. When its time for health, millets are must have food for human body. You will get millets flour and millets sattu here. We use traditional method to get it ready. With market price you will get the most nutritious, pure and hygienic millets. Eat and enjoy healthy living. Baby And Maa Enterprises is mostly know for millets, Pluses, Flour, Spices. It is famous for Home Made And Hand Made Product Manufacturing. It is also known for it traditional process methods used in Manufacturing Products - Sattu, Besan, Millets, Flour, Spices etc.. Baby And Maa Enterprises Manufacture Home Made Sattu, Besan, Millets, Pluses, Flour And Spices (Masala). 100% Pure And Home Made. Baby And Maa Enterprises Manufacture All Its Products By Traditional Method that means it is pure, healthy, hygienic. For More Details Contact info@babyandmaaenterprises.com